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Open Source Packages for Download

Random Data Generator Code Library

CodePlex     GitHub

Set of C# .NET classes developed by ProFast Computing that can be used to generate realistic looking random data elements. You can use the library to generate random person names, business names, locations, words and sentences.

Message Logging Code Library

CodePlex     GitHub

Message Logging Code Library routines allow you to output messages from your application to a text window. You can search, format, print and save the messages directly from the output window. You can control whether the window is visible from your application.

Application Timers Code Library

CodePlex     GitHub

C# .NET classes that allow you to easily add timers to  your application. Included Stopwatch class can be used to time and report out elapsed time for a program code segment.

pfCodeLibrary for .NET Developers

CodePlex     GitHub

Suite of C# classes that encapsulate a wide-range of application functionality. Included in the library are classes that encode complex logic for Windows Application, Windows Operating System, Database, Office  and Web Networking programming.

pfAppsLibrary for .NET Developers

CodePlex     GitHub

Suite of C# source code modules and test databases that focuses on providing a set of pre-built routines that enhance the building of .NET database applications.