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pfRandomNamesGenerator Gains 4 Star Rating

The pfRandomNamesGenerator application was praised in the following independent review on the Softpedia software publishing website:

Generate random name information to use within your database by relying on this powerful application that comes with a wide variety of features

Reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu on December 12, 2015.

Working with databases sometimes require intensive testing, in order to ensure high-quality standards and lacking the appropriate means of doing so can be difficult.

However, there are a wide variety of software solutions that can help you perform these tasks, such as pfRandomNamesGenerator.

Please note that this application requires .NET Framework on your computer to run as intended.

Lightweight, yet powerful utility that comes with a user-friendly interface

This application can be installed on your computer without efforts, as it does not require any additional configuration on your part. It comes with a user-friendly interface that encompasses multiple handy functions.

However, as it was designed to help database administrators, this tool requires advanced PC operating skills and a good understanding of database administration concepts.

Generate random name data in a convenient way

You can rely on pfRandomNamesGenerator if you need an easy, convenient way to generate and save random name data. Doing so can be achieved by adjusting the corresponding values according to your needs and hitting the Generate button.

Among the customizable parameters, you can find country frequencies (you can choose from U.S., Canada and Mexico), age, address, area code, nationality or phone number.

Save the generated data by exporting it to various formats

After you create the random data, it is possible to use it to populate databases or export it to your computer, for future use and safe storage. This application provides you with support for various formats, including XLS, XLSX, TXT, ACCDB, MDB, XML, DOCX, DOC, RTF or PDF. The wide variety of supported file types makes it possible also to save the information as hard copies, by printing it, if you need to.

To sum it up, pfRandomNamesGenerator is a lightweight, yet powerful tool that can help you generate random information for populating your databases. It comes with a user-friendly interface and encompasses multiple useful functions, thus providing you with high accessibility and a wide range of capabilities.


 NOTE: pfDataExtractor was awarded an Editor's Rating of 4 stars out of 5 by Softpedia.

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