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pfRandomNamesGenerator Rated Intuitive

The pfRandomNamesGenerator application was praised in the following independent review on the Freeware Files software publishing website:

Reviewed on December 22, 2015.

pfRandomNamesGenerator is an intuitive application that is meant to help users create and save lists of random names for both people and businesses. You use realistic random values to mask data for database tables for various purposes, including training, test and development.

The free software allows you to randomize such selected fields as people´s or business names, state, province and city names and postal codes. The randomized names and other related data are generated for the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Its main graphical user interface features four tabs for entering person, U.S., Canada and Mexico data. The person data tab lets you choose the countries you want to include among the three. Other things you may choose to include are types of names, demographic information, location details and age groups.

The demographic values you may generate include gender, date of birth or age group, National ID, e-mail address and telephone number. You can restrict random values for names and addresses by metropolitan area, city, state or province, region and country.

The U.S. tab lets you specify regions, sub-regions, states, metropolitan statistical areas and consolidated metropolitan statistical areas. The Canada tab allows you to select regions, sub-regions, provinces, area codes and large cities while the Mexico tab lets you configure regions, sub-regions, states, area codes and large cities.

In each of these tabs, you will set the number of names you want to generate and whether you would like to erase log before running the generator. You can choose to either save your configurations or generate the random values. You may export the data in various formats, including Word, Excel, Text, Access, XML, PDF and different relational databases.

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