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pfPgpEncryptor Rated Best Free PGP Software

The pfPgpEncryptor application was rated best free PGP encryption software in the following independent review on the List of publishing website:

Reviewed on May 7, 2018.

5 Best Free PGP Encryption Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free PGP encryption software for Windows. PGP or Pretty Good Privacy software use cryptography methods to prevent unauthorized access to digital information. These software are mainly used for digital signatures and for encryption & decryption of files, directories, disks, emails, etc. Most of these PGP encryptors can also encrypt standalone text. All of these PGP encryptors follow OpenPGP standard RFC 4880for both encryption and decryption of the data.

These PGP encryptors use various Hash (SHA1, SHA 512, etc.) and Cypher algorithms(AES 128, Blowfish, etc.) to protect data. According to the data, you can select different combinations of algorithms at the time of encryption. The process of encryption is almost same across all PGP software where you first need to generate a key pair which remains protected by a user-defined password. By using the key pair, you can encrypt text, files,folders, etc. with ease. You can also export and share key pair so that other authorized persons can decrypt files.

My Favorite PGP Encryption Software For Windows:

pfPgpEncryptor is my favorite software because it not only encrypts files, but it also compresses them at the same time. Plus, it also gives you complete freedom to select Hash and Encryption algorithms of your choice.



pfPgpEncryptor is a free PGP encryption software for Windows. Using this software you can encrypt both sensitive files and standalone text. In order to keep the data secure, it provides various Hash Algorithms (SHA1, SHA256, SHA 512, MD2, MD5, etc.) and Cypher or Encryption algorithms (AES 128, AES 256, CAST5, Blowfish, DES, etc.). You can select any combination of hash and encryption algorithm to encrypt your data. This software compresses the file during the encryption and to compress files, it uses various compression techniques like ZIP, ZLIB, BZIP2, etc. Before encryption, you can also select a compression technique along with encryption algorithms.

How to encrypt files using pfPgpEncryptor:

o   To encrypt files, first, you need to create a new key. To do that, go to Tools > Key Store Manager and create a key by providing information like UserID, Key Expiry Date, Key Size, Password, Path of The Key, etc.

o   Now, open the main interface of this software and submit the path of the newly created key to the Path to key file field. After that, set Hash Algorithm, Cypher Algorithm, and Compression Method.

o   Lastly, specify the path of file or text that you want to encrypt and press Encrypt Button to start the encryption process.

In this software, you can also use previously generated keys to encrypt files. Plus at the time of key generation, you can set whether the generated key is public, private, or Ascii Armoured key. The decryption process is simpler than encryption as you just need to select the same key pair that you have used to encrypt the file along with the right password to decrypt files.


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