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pfDataExtractor Rated Special & Powerful

The pfDataExtractor application was praised in the following independent review on the Freeware Files software publishing website:

Reviewed on December 16, 2015.

pfDataExtractor is a special application that you can easily use to create and run data extracts based on different data platforms. It features an interactive graphical user interface that intuitively generates random data to mask the output data in a realistic format.

You can randomize selected fields like business or person names, street, city, state or province names and zip/postal codes; words, syllables, strings, national IDs, telephone numbers, date or time; numeric values with options for ranges, sequences or offsets.

The application allows you to restrict the random values of names and addresses by metropolitan area, city, state, region or country. You can restrict names to Mexico, Canada and the US. You will find it easy to define resultset filters and query restrictions. The software stores all definition files in XML format, which makes them easy to troubleshoot. It also allows you to print the definitions for documentation purposes.

The interactive user interface will help you create, preview and save random data definitions. The main interface lets you specify the extractor definitions save folder, extractor name as well as where you are extracting data from and to. For example, you may extract data from a relational database to an Access database file. There are also tabs for entering details about source and output files.

pfDataExtractor features simple-to-use but powerful data export and extract capabilities. It supports seven data platforms as sources of data and seven others for export destinations.

Link to Freeware Files site's review