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pfCodeLibrary V3.0 Published May 9, 2016

The pfCodeLibrary suite .NET library source code modules was officially published on the Open Source CodePlex web site May 9, 2016.

Link to CodePlex page:

These classes required the Windows .NET 4.0 runtime or later.

The classes were originally developed in Visual Studio 2010 using the C# programming language.

Summary of features:

Classes are organized into five component categories:


Classes for querying and updating a wide range of standard relational database and data file platforms.

Database import and export operations are supported via an extensive set of classes.


Utility classes that add functionality to windows application development.

Included are classes for 


Classes for reading and writing Excel and Word documents via Microsoft Interop.


Classes that allow incorporation of FTP and SMTP EMAIL processing into a .NET application.


Classes that simplify working with processes and threads.