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pfAppsLibrary V3.0 Published May 20, 2016

The pfAppsLibrary suite of application and DLL source code modules was officially released on the CodePlex Open Source web site May 20, 2016.

Link to CodePlex page:

These modules required the Windows .NET 4.0 runtime or later.

The applications and classes were originally developed in Visual Studio 2010 using the C# programming language.

Summary of features:

pfAppsLibrary includes a suite of source code modules and test databases that focuses on providing pre-built routines that enhance the building of .NET database applications.

Application Data Components

Classes in the AppDataComponents library provide a rich set of processing modules and input/output forms that can be used to build database applications in .NET.

Functionality found in AppDataCompnents:

Database Applications

Source code for the following database applications is provided:

Databases and Data Files 

Routines include support for the following data formats:

pfAppsLibrary also includes numerous test databases, sample query/extract definitions and random data files.

Visual Studio Application Templates

Library also includes several application modules that can be used as Visual Studio templates for .NET project development.