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pfFolderSize V3.0 Praised by Independent Review

The pfFolderSize application was praised in the following review on the Softpedia software publishing website:

A simple and user-friendly application that is meant to supply you with the sub-folder size information not shown by Windows Explorer

Written by Marina Dan on January 21st, 2014

PfFolderSize is a reliable and efficient software solution whose main function is to help you view the precise size of every folder and subfolder on your system, as well as the total number of files they contain.

The program is quite simple to work with, so you no not need to have any advanced knowledge in working with computers in order to handle it easily. In order to get the statistics about a directory on your system, you need to browse through your PC and select the one you target, loading it into pfFolderSize.

The application will analyze its contents and display a tree view of all the subfolders, including their exact dimensions in kilobytes, the number of files they hold and their individual size, their name as well as the last modification date and time. Specific items can be deleted from the context menu.

The gathered information can be exported to a variety of file formats, for easier reading or for later analysis. As such, you can save the statistics to XLS, XLSX, CSV text file, XML, MDB or ACCDB format, whichever you prefer.

By loading a folder into pfFolderSize, you can view all its size-related details, including the subdirectories', which are not regularly shown in Windows Explorer. This is particularly useful in the case of large and deep-structured folders, as it provides you with the ability to get a comprehensive picture of their contents, without having to browse through each one or access its properties. Because the generated statistics are exportable to a variety of formats, you can collect the information in just a few moves and use it in a variety of purposes.

To conclude, pfFolderSize is a helpful utility that enables you to get a detailed account of your directories and subdirectories, along with all the files they comprise and their individual or total size.

 NOTE: pfFolderSize was awarded an Editor's Rating of 4 stars out of 5 by Softpedia.

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